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Our tour around Bhutan, arranged for by SoulTrips, was wonderful and exceeded all of our expectations. Every detail was well planned and executed by all concerned. Even the weather cooperated! The places we visited were amazing, the food perfectly prepared, the driver safe and friendly, our guide (Dorji) was knowledgeable, attentive and friendly. I really like flying Drukair too - it's now my favorite small airline. The aircraft was clean and comfortable. The service at every stage was excellent and the staff attentive and friendly.

William Russ, February 2024

I am not a religious person. In fact I am an Atheist. You who is reading this would probably be wondering why then did I go to Bhutan, a famously staunch Buddhist country full of Bhuddhist temples? The reason I had to go Bhutan, was to answer a strong spiritual call. Yes, I traveled solo to Bhutan from Sg. I had no idea what to expect, not knowing much about the country except that the people were happier than anywhere else in the world. I have no experience in hiking (typical spoilt Singaporean!), trekking, not been in high altitudes or any environment that ain't "clean".

Ling Y, February 2024

Thank you for a wonderful experience in Bhutan, SoulTrips. I requested for a photography experience and the team made this so memorable, thanks to my tour guide Dorji, our driver Phub, and Sonam who communicated with me. Dorji was extremely knowledgeable and made sure every detail was taken care of, and he also knew the best hidden photo spots, so I couldn't ask for more.

Iciri Rai, February 2024

It's even hard to put into words the beauty and quality of the experience one can live in Bhutan. This is a sacred, special, protected place. Soul Trips service was extremely organized and of very high quality. The attentiveness and the care that goes into every detail of the trip is mesmerizing... the hotels were all excellent, the food was hyper abundant, the treatment was full of love and reverence. My guide Tepe and my driver Ugyen were very professional, practical and attentive.

Paulo Henrique Curi Dias, January 2024

What an overwhelming experience - Bhutan. From the feel inside the majestic Punakha Zhong, the uplifting Phohjika valley hike from the pine country top to the cowboy town-like valley below, the heavenly tranquil Kila Nunnery at 4000 metres near the Chelele Pass, etc, etc. Had many 'moments' daily during the 7 day trip, thanks to the personal and very experienced guide Sonam and expert driver Dechen from Soultrips, and the perfect arrangements by Sangay at Druk Asia. Soulful, united, and beautiful the country and its people. Almost a month after the trip and we are still missing this blessed place. Thanks Soultrips and Druk Asia.

Jayan, January 2024

Traveled with Soul Trips in Dec 23 and Jan 24. It was a unique and an experience like no other. The nature, the history and the culture as well as the food and the people have carved a permanent memory in me. The scenery - basically untouched by globalisation and modernisation. Our guide Sonam and our driver Tobgay were perfect! Initially I was worried about traveling with strangers on the trip but within a day, I was relaxed and we had a lot of fun.

Wendy Tan, December 2023

Thanks Anna for helping to organize the 10 day trip to Bhutan! The process was smooth and the itinerary was flexible as well:)

Donavon Wong, December 2023

We did a 6 night trip around Bhutan. The guide, driver, hotels, organization and itinerary were all excellent.

Liam Garvey, December 2023

The trip combined the natural beauty and cultural attractions of Bhutan. It was highly rewarding. The guide and the driver did their best to take care of us and ensure the journey run smoothly. It was one of my best experiences for guided tours.

Chen Hsiang Yeah, December 2023

I travelled to Bhutan with my mum for 7 days. It really was an amazing trip, we had a wonderful time exploring Bhutan. The trip was very well planned and everything went smoothly, allowing us to pack lots into the relatively short amount of time.

Tim Groombridge, December 2023

I had always dreamt of visiting Bhutan with limited knowledge about the country. Fortunately, I came across Soultrips, a private tour service for Bhutan, and decided to inquire. Sangay, the Travel Specialist, promptly responded, and after discussions with my family, we chose Bhutan for our year-end trip. We opted for the 10-day tour, and I entrusted all arrangements to Sangay, who proved to be highly responsive and helpful throughout. He even checked in during our trip to ensure everything was going well, showing a high level of customer service. Upon arrival, our guide, Sonam, and driver, Kinzang, welcomed us. Sonam impressed us with his knowledge, friendliness, and keen observations. He took care of us, arranged authentic Bhutanese meals, and shared detailed insights about the country. Kinzang, the driver, ensured a safe and comfortable journey. We thoroughly enjoyed Bhutanese cuisine, thanks to Sonam's recommendations, and appreciated the quality of the hotels with their traditional settings and excellent service. Bhutan left a deep impression on us with its amazing landscapes, nature preservation efforts, and the harmonious coexistence of people and animals.

Pameline Wee, December 2023

My recent trip to Bhutan with Soul Trips was undoubtedly an expensive venture, considering the daily spend, visa fees, and airfare. It is not possible to visit this country unescorted and there has to be a guide and a driver assigned. (Even if you are 1 person) Booking and paper work was settled very quickly by Sangay. It was fuss-free and he responded to our queries promptly. The premium price tag was justified by the exceptional service and experiences provided by the company. One of the standout aspects of our trip was the excellent guide arranged by Soul Trips. Suraj, our guide stood out for his attentiveness and proficiency in English. He not only efficiently managed the standardized itinerary, which seemed common among various travel companies but also enriched our journey with stories about the places we visited. Perhaps it was winter, but some evenings concluded as early as 5 pm. There is a standardized dinner time of 7-9 pm as well. Instead of dropping us back at the hotel directly, our guide took time to show us around town showed us less touristy areas to shop at before dinner.

Marcus Liew, December 2023

Super efficient team on the ground in Singapore, particularly Ugyen Dema who assisted with my booking. Did a private 7D/6N tour in Bhutan. My guide, Chencho Lham and driver Thinley Dorji were there to welcome me at Paro Airport. Bhutan is simply magic but what makes it memorable is definitely the people. Chencho came across as very informative, smart, patient and great fun to be with.

Sue Buyong, December 2023

My trip was 7 days (includes 2 days for arrival and departure). Though the trip was short, i felt that i have experienced quite abit as Bhutan is really different frm any other country that I have visited. The warmth and hospitality of my guide Yeshay Dema and driver Dechen also makes a difference! They really took good care of me as a solo female traveller, ensuring both my safety and comfort.

Hui Shian Seah, November 2023

It was an amazing trip to Bhutan! Our tour specialist Mr. Sangay Dorji from SoulTrips was taking care the whole itinerary for us and went out of his way to ensure we had a smooth and pleasant journey. Our tour guide Mr. Kinzang Cheku and driver Mr Sigay were very caring and attentive to our needs to make us feel safe and joy during the whole journey.

Connie Yim, November 2023

Service was great throughout my trip. First, shout out to Sonam Younten for replying promptly to my queries. This was the easiest trip to plan. I just send email to Sonam, and voila, everything is arranged for me. Thanks Sonam for your kind assistance. Second, thanks to Ngawang, who drives smoothly, and made the long and difficult drives safe. I’m glad he’s not talkative, because I really love some nice and quiet time in the car, and just enjoying everything I see from the backseat window. Lastly, huge thanks to my guide, Chencho Lham, for the company throughout my time in Bhutan. She is very knowledgeable in the history and culture of the country and Buddhism.

Kay Hernandez, November 2023

Highly recommend Druk Asia / Soul Trips for Bhutan trips. Sangay booked everything for us including the airtickets. He was really efficient and meticulous. The Bhutanese guide ChenCho did everything to make our trip a great one, also taking the best photos/videos for us. Despite the hairpin twists and turns, at all times, we felt safe with the driver Phub. We were expecting 2-3 star hotels as stated on the itinerary.

Kheng Chua, November 2023

When we decided to travel Bhutan from USA via India, I wrote to a few travel agencies with enquiries. Only Drukasia/Soul Trip's Sangay Dorji replied. Sangay patiently answered all my questions and arranged the trip for us. Getting permit from Bhutan immigration was super smooth. Our guide Ugyen Tenzing Soul and driver Kencho were wonderful. Ugyen made sure I get the "right" meals due to my dietary preferences.

Prabha Kittinger, November 2023

Bhutan is one of the world's last unspoilt places. We had a wonderful trip in November with SoulTrips with our excellent guide Suraj and our very able driver Tinla. Both men went out of their way to make our trip memorable. Bhutan is a beautiful country that maintains its traditions and its people are very welcoming. We stayed in very comfortable hotels and guest houses and always enjoyed delicious food. With its traditional buildings and dress code, Bhutan is unique in this world of ever blurring boarders. I highly recommend a trip to Bhutan for something completely different and a wonderful experience.

Leahy, November 2023

I would like to thank DrukAsia/ SoulTrips for an amazing trip in Bhutan. This was by far my most emotional and spiritual trip and I have to extend my gratitude to our guide (Dorji) and our driver (Kinlay) who brought us around and took care of our every needs. There was literally not a single bad part of our trip and we enjoyed every second, every minute of it. This will definitely not be my last trip to Bhutan- and the next time I visit I will for sure go through DrukAsia again.

Tania Jim, November 2023