Ugyen Tshewang

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Specialize in Sr Cultural Guide, St Trekking Guide, Tour Leader

Ugyen specializes in leading big group tours. He led the Gap Adventure groups and most recently students group from Raffles Institution, Singapore. He is learning Chinese and would be spending sometime in China to pick up the language. He has been guiding for us for the past 6 years.

Specialize in Sr Cultural Guide, St Trekking Guide, Tour Leader  


we had a 5-day trip. It was amazing!

we had a 5-day trip. It was amazing!

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Its really a wonderful and unforgettable trip

It was really a marvelous 14 days trip to me and I really enjoyed it very much. My tour guide Ugyen Tshewang was knowledgeable and really taking good care of me during my 14 days in Bhutan

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I just wanted to thank you for such an amazing trip to Bhutan

I just wanted to THANK YOU for such an amazing trip to Bhutan and for answering all my questionsin advance!! We all had a fabulous time and were not only impressed with the country, but our guide, our driver, the accommodations, the food, and the service.

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What a wonderful experience!

What a wonderful experience! We could not stop chatting about our trip to Bhutan even after returning to Singapore. Booking with Druk Asia was easy, the pre-trip correspondences and information pack were timely and helpful, and the itinerary was comprehensive and well-balanced.

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Overall was a enjoyable and fun trip

Overall was a enjoyable and fun trip. Have a itinary to follow but can always change when preference to do other activity. In my tour we decide to skip a few things and go for water rafting which was really enjoyable as the water level is high and fast. Both guide and driver are friendly and approachable.

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We had a wonderful time, thank you for arranging the tour for us!

My friends and I have just returned to Singapore from Bhutan. We had a wonderful time - thank you for arranging the tour for us!

I'm not sure whether there's a more "official" way of giving feedback, but if not, here's what my friends and I want to say of our tour guide Ugyen. (Please feel free to use these feedback for any publicity by Druk Asia.)

Quite simply, Ugyen was a fantastic guide. I'm not exaggerating at all when I say that having travelled to many countries around the world and interacted with so many tour guides, Ugyen is by far the best guide I've ever met. Let me explain why we found him so good.

He was supremely attentive. From day 1, every time we set off, he ran his eyes discreetly across our attires to make sure we were suitably clothed. If our clothes were not warm

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Our Actual Visit By Far Exceeded What We Anticipated

After our return to Singapore we are reviewing all the wonderful photos and experiences gathered during our memorable visit to your beautiful Country. Although we already had high expectations prior to departure, our actual visit by far exceeded what we anticipated, thanks to your in-depth knowledge of all aspects of Bhutanese, life, religion, culture and history, and also thanks to Bhurpa's very reassuring driving skills across the precarious mountain passes.
My wife Esther has already written to you to express our appreciation for making our visit so enjoyable throughout, but I want to separately take the opportunity to send a BIG "thank you" to you both for show-casing your unique Country in the best of light. Of course the good weather also deserves mention, because without

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Pleasurable Trip to Bhutan

The trip was wonderful! The itinerary was very well planned, the pace was right, and both the guide (Ugyen) and driver (Dorji) were very professional, helpful and friendly. It was definitely the trip of a lifetime and we are very happy with the entire package. Should we decide to visit Bhutan again in the future, we would definitely choose Druk Asia again.

The only feedback we have (which I also mentioned in the feedback form which I passed to Ugyen) is that the food at Le Meridian was heavily Indian and not very good. Most of the lunches were not too bad, as Ugyen made the effort to ensure the dishes didn't contain things we couldn't eat. Really grateful for that.

Also, my engagement proposal went very smoothly and that was all thanks to Ugyen, Dorji and the staff at Uma Paro.

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Bhutan, one unforgettable destination

Hi Sonam,

Please refer to the photos as attached.

The trip has been awesome and Bhutan will definitely be one unforgettable destination. With the many breathtaking sights and the warm hospitality from the good Bhutanese people, Bhutan is a place that leaves me with good memories. Not forgetting our guide, Ugeen, who is knowledgeable and always so friendly and helpful, and our driver, Bola, who is all humorous and caring.

Thank you.

Karen Foo

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Peaceful and friendly Bhutan

5 of us just returned from our 7 Days 6 Night Bhutan trip arranged by Sonam from Druk Asia. Everything went on very well and we would like to thank again our tour guide Ugyen and our driver Kimpo who did a very fantastic job taking real good care of us. Tour guide Ugyen was knowledge, telling us all about this peaceful and friendly country and our driver Kimpo even went up all the way to the top of the Tiger Nest with us, both guide and driver making sure that 2 of our senior members were ok with the long hike. Would definitely book with Druk Asia again and highly recommend them to anyone who wishes to go to Bhutan.

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